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Yachiyo Kiln Cold Liquor Wine Glassware Pouring Spout Cup 63700

        • A unique gem that is handmade and shines with gold leaf detail, lets you feel the warmth and affection of the craftsmen everytime you enjoy it.
        • It has a comfortable form that feels familar to your hand.
        • Glass made from "Yachiyo Kiln" is made piece-by-piece with great care and skilled techniques so they are the gems of glassware. Such a high quality kiln is situated in the lands of Yachiyo.
        • High quality and luxurious feel suitable for hosting guests.
        • The perfect gift for all celebrations from anniversary to promotion or wedding gift and souvenirs.
        • Not suitable for dishwasher cleaning.
        • Not suitable for microwave use.

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        • Size (cm): Size: 10.4×9×8.8cm
        • Weight (gr): Item Weight: 0.2kg
        • Materials: Material: Semi-Crystal Glass
        • Made in: Japan
      • 八千代窯 冷酒グラス 片口 63700

        • 食洗機対応不可
        • 電子レンジ対応不可
        • 澄みやかな緊張感,使うごとに愛着がわく手づくりのぬくもり,金箔が映える手作りならではの逸品
        • 手になじみ,持ち心地のよい端正なフォルム
        • 「八千代窯」のガラス器は,ひとつひとつが熟練の技で丹精につくり上げられた逸品!下総(しもうさ)の国は八千代の地に据えられた窯から生み出される
        • 高級感がありおもてなしの席に最適
        • 昇進祝い,周年記念など多種多様なお祝い,記念品に最適

        • 本体サイズ: サイズ:10.4×9×8.8cm
        • 本体重量: 本体重量:0.2kg
        • 素材・材質: 材質:セミクリスタルガラス
        • 原産国: 原産国:日本


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