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Waffle-shaped Salad Vegetable Carrot Peeler

        • A special peeler with a new concept that has a proprietary blade which can cut radishes, carrots and cucumber into fine mesh designs.
        • The blade is made in Japan from special cutlery steel and is carefully made one-by-one.
        • It has a safety cover that can be removed in one touch.

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        • Size (cm): Peeler Body: Approx. Width 3× Length 24× Height 3.5cm, Safety Cover: Approx. Width 7.5× Length 3.5× Height 1cm
        • Weight (gr): Approx. 100
        • Materials: Body: ABS Resin (Heatproof 80℃), Handle / Knife Frame: Stainless Steel , Cutting Blade: Stainless Steel Cutting Steel, Safety Cover: Methacrylic resin (Heat resistant at 80°C)
        • Made in:
      • わっふるサラダピーラー

        • 切れ刃は特殊刃物鋼を使用し一本一本丁寧に刃付けをした信頼の日本製です.
        • ワンタッチで付け外しができる安全カバ-付きです.
        • 独自開発のギザ刃で大根やニンジン,キュウリなど細かい網目状にカットできる新発想のI字型ピ-ラ-です.

        • 本体サイズ: ピーラーボディー:約幅3×奥行24×高さ3.5cm、安全カバー:約幅7.5×奥行3.5×高さ1cm
        • 本体重量: 約100
        • 素材・材質: ボディ:ABS樹脂(耐熱80℃)、 ハンドル・刃フレーム:ステンレス鋼、切れ刃:ステンレス刃物鋼、安全カバー:メタクリル樹脂(耐熱80℃)
        • 原産国:


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