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Vegetable Boiler Microwave Food Container Round

        • Makes steam cooking so easy.
        • With patch flap design so you can adjust the steam easily as you wish.
        • Steamer or storage container. You can use it anyway you like. Convenient 2-way type.
        • It has an inner basket which is great for straining liquid or letting oil drip away.
        • Microwave cooking recipes are included on the packaging.
        • 890ml

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        • Size (cm): 7.6*16.3*15.3
        • Weight (gr): 64
        • Materials: Polypropylene
        • Made in: Japan
      • 茹でうま野菜 丸

        • スチ-ムクッキングが簡単にできます.
        • 蒸気を上手に調整するパッチンフラップ付き.
        • スチ-ム&保存容器,どちらも使える2WAYタイプ.
        • 水分や油分を落とす中ザル付きです.
        • パッケ-ジには,レンジ調理レシピを記載しています.

        • 本体サイズ: 7.6*16.3*15.3
        • 本体重量: 64
        • 素材・材質: ポリプロピレン
        • 原産国: 日本


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