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U-Shape Cleaner For Toilet Bowl Inner Edge

        • Made of non-woven fabric with abrasive material, this brush can scrub off stubborn dirt in the toilet easily. U-shaped design makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach places without dirtying hands. Comes with a handy storage case.

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        • Size (cm): 23.0×10.0×4.0
        • Weight (gr): 113
        • Materials: Handle,Bottle:Polypropylene Case:ABS Resin Brush: Nylon Non-woven Fabric (Polishing Material Input),Suction Pad:Vinyl Chloride Resin
        • Made in: China
      • フチ裏汚れ用U型クリーナー  

        • 研磨材入りの不織布で,便器のフチ裏の黒ずみやこびりついたガンコな汚れをしっかり落とせます.U型形状なので,手を汚すことなくしっかり洗えます.ケ-ス付で,置き場所に困りません.                                 

        • 本体サイズ: 23.0×10.0×4.0
        • 本体重量: 113
        • 素材・材質: 柄・ピン:ポリプロピレン ケース:ABS樹脂 ブラシ:ナイロン不織布(研磨材入)吸盤:塩化ビニル樹脂                              
        • 原産国: 中国                            


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