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Toilet Brush Plant Fiber

        • It can always be kept clean because the brush and case have been subjected to water-repellant processing to repel water to keep clean.
        • Since the brush is subject to anti-dirt processing, moisture would not remain on it after cleaning. Also, as oils are less likely to adhere onto it, it prevents dirt and keeps clean.
        • Clean design as the brush tip does not touch the base of the case when it is store.
        • The case has a vent for air flow to let the brush dry quickly.

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        • Size (cm): Approx. 38.5×4.5×7cm
        • Weight (gr): 87
        • Materials: Polypropylene
        • Made in: China
      • トイレブラシ植毛

        • ケ-ス・ブラシ全体に水をはじく撥水加工を施してあるのでいつも清潔に保てる
        • ブラシには防汚加工も施してあるのでおそうじ後の水気をサッとはじき,油分も付着しにくいので,汚れを防ぎ清潔に保つ
        • ケ-スに収納時ブラシ先端がブラシ受けの底に着かない清潔設計
        • ケ-スにはブラシが乾きやすい通気口が付いている

        • 本体サイズ: 約38.5×4.5×7cm
        • 本体重量: 87
        • 素材・材質: ポリプロピレン
        • 原産国: 中国


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