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Tantoro Uji Kintoki Gift Face × 3 Towel Set

        • Microwave: corresponding Allowed
        • household dishwashers: corresponding Allowed
        • open flame oven: not available 'white-blue (white-blue)' is of Ehime Prefecture typical pottery 'Tobe while the tradition of baked (Tobeyaki) ', more and more it made in as you can use to people vessel
        • ' Tobe-yaki 'is, of Iyo with a history of about 230 years the country (Ehime prefecture) tradition of porcelain. Produced from the grinding wheel of good quality, which is produced in Tobe-cho, it has been loved as everyday use of vessels older than from its robustness and homemade taste. In 1976 it is designated as a national traditional crafts, pottery of about 100 at present is, from those deepen the tradition, to those looking for new representation,
        • that has created various works
          thing very important and fun I meal ... firmly such a meal, from Tobe of the everyday use of feeling good tableware
        • of Ehime who can taste carefully, deliver the vessel to enjoy a lot of cooking and time < br> point of
        • form is easy to use, also made a good balance in the ... thick to fit in the hand, a good bowl of
        • usability felt lighter, big success
        • regardless of the scene
        • familiar gently edge (welt) is a rounded, piled easy for so storage is also an easy
        • strong and deep blue look better Futoshishima design
        • microwave-safe, cooking so warm that even as it can be convenient
        • household dishwashers support, care Ease

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        • Size (cm): φ17.1 × 6.5cm
        • Weight (gr): 585
        • Materials: Ceramic
        • Made in: Japan
      • タントロ・宇治金時ギフト フェイス×3タオルセット

        • 今治タオルブランド認定:今治のタオルメ-カ-で組織される『四国タオル工業組合』が定める独自の認定基準に合格し,高品質のタオル商品であることを保証されている
        • 落ち着いた宇治金時カラ-のギフトセット.
        • 上品な遊び心をお世話になったあの方やご両親やお友達などにお贈りしてみないか
        • くすばしタオルが紡績会社と共同開発したオリジナル糸を使用.
        • 無撚糸じゃないのにこのやわらかさと弾力はまるでホテル仕様のよう.使えば使うほど肌になじみる
        • セット内容:フェイスタオル/オフホワイト・グリ-ン・ブラウン各1枚

        • 本体サイズ: 約34×85cm
        • 本体重量: 約638g
        • 素材・材質: 綿100%
        • 原産国: 日本


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