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Tableware Dryer (White) Sarapikka Hot Air

        • Clean and dry at a high temperature hot air at about 100 degrees! Space-saving compact design.
        • Hot-air drying of high temperature about 100 ℃ (air outlet temperature) high temperature about 100 ℃ ※ hot air is blown out of, tableware, cutting board, also cloth clean dry. ※ air outlet temperature
        • You feed the clean air to clean dried in air "Ag antibacterial filter" clean "received Ag antibacterial water" used in the refrigerator is subjected to Ag antibacterial a filter attached to the intake port to suck the air. Also, since the vulnerable water per water red have been made Ag antibacterial, clean and care can also be easier.
        • Removable stainless steel tray clean-to-use, easy to clean. It can be washed with a removable stainless steel tray from the main body.
        • With a removable Fukinkake with removable Fukinkake, you can also clean dry cloth.
        • Space-saving compact design width 50.2 × depth 37.2cm installation space. 6 servings of dishes can be stored Rakuni.

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        • Size (cm): About width 50.2 × depth 37.2 × height 37.6cm
        • Weight (gr): About 4400g
        • Materials:
        • Made in:
      • 食器乾燥器(ホワイト)TIGER サラピッカ 温風式 DHG-S400

        • 約100度の高温熱風で清潔乾燥! 省スペ-ス・コンパクト設計.
        • 高温約100℃の熱風乾燥(吹き出し口温度)高温約100℃※の熱風が吹き出して,食器,まな板,ふきんも清潔乾燥.※吹き出し口温度
        • きれいな空気で乾燥する「Ag抗菌加工フィルタ-」清潔に使える「Ag抗菌加工水受け」空気を吸い込む吸気口についたフィルタ-にAg抗菌加工を施して庫内にきれいな空気を送り込みます.また,水アカがつきやすい水受けにもAg抗菌加工を施していますので,清潔でお手入れもラクにできます.
        • 取りはずせるステンレス製トレイ清潔に使えて,お手入れ簡単.本体から取りはずせるステンレス製のトレイがついて丸洗いできます.
        • 着脱式ふきんかけつき取りはずせるふきんかけがついて,ふきんも清潔乾燥できます.
        • 省スペ-ス・コンパクト設計幅50.2×奥行37.2cmの設置スペ-ス.6人分の食器がらくに収納できます.

        • 本体サイズ: 約幅50.2×奥行37.2×高さ37.6cm
        • 本体重量: 約4400g
        • 素材・材質:
        • 原産国:


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