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Seki Magoroku Diamond&Ceramic Knife

  • Comes with three types of grinding wheel with different quality to each one, it is possible to use these in order, you will be able to revive your blunt knife to sharpness more easily.
  • STEP 1. Use the high coarse diamond grinding wheel to scrape the worn cutting edge.
  • STEP 2. Use the ceramic grinding wheel and thin the cutting edge. This improves cutting.
  • STEP 3. To finish, use the fine ceramic grinding wheel and smoothen the tip of the blade.


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    • Size (cm): 14.1×5.1
    • Weight (gr): 96
    • Materials: Body :ABS Resin(Heat Resistance 80 Degrees Celcius),Clear Cover:Cover Part/AS Resin・Bottom Part/ABS Resin・Rubber Part/Elastomer Resin(Heat Resistance 70 Degrees Celcius),Magnet:Diamond Magnet・Ceramic Magnet
    • Made in: Japan
  • Seki Magoroku Sharpening Sharpen Sharpness Resurect Diamond Sharpening Wheel Ceramic Sharpening Wheel
  • Founded in 1908, KAI is the manufacturer and marketing of cutlery, kitchen utensils, beauty care products, confectionery utensils and other household items who started as a small knife producer. With over 100 years history, KAI endeavors to provide quality products to a wider target. Now KAI supplies over 10,000 types of products worldwide. KAI is continually making new discoveries and increasing knowledge to devote themselves to making customers' lives better for a future 100 years.
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