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Rei Sink Drainer Expansion And Contraction Type White

        • The set includes: face towel × 3 sheets (same color) Japan's traditional colors of "Quanzhou Good towel" was finished with a commitment to representation
        • flower Asagi (Asagi flower) is, 嫩 physician (young) onion (green onions) to cause (senna) do they flower in Asagi colorful shades to color
        • eyes multiplied by the (blue with a single dyed indigo) is a nice
        • in refreshing refreshing texture < br> laundering also there are glad same color face towel three set
        • "Quanzhou Good towel," the brand is certified only in a towel that has not in other companies Good in Quanzhou towel producer

        • general towel is cotton yarn to be deposited penetrate the Norizai to make it easier to weaving. This Mukotaoru is also reduced water pollution because it does not use the sizing agent for weaving. (Environmental burden reduction products)
        • dries quickly, it may be the water-absorbent, ease of use is excellent! In the original softness and texture not be impaired
        • peace of mind, safety, and Japanese-made with cotton, friendly to the earth, the best face towel products
        • shampoo and cleansing friendly people < br>
        • addition to bath time, a big success in a variety of places such as the kitchen and washroom

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        • Size (cm): 34 × 87cm (per sheet)
        • Weight (gr): 65 (per sheet)
        • Materials: 100% COTTON
        • Made in: Japan
      • レイ シンク水切り伸縮タイプ ホワイト

        • シンクを有効活用できる水切りバスケット
        • 奥行40~50cmのシンクに渡して使用できます.
        • グラスや茶碗などのほか,野菜の水切り用としても使用できます.
        • 銀イオン配合による抗菌効果があります.

        • 本体サイズ: 約幅45×奥17.1×高9.8cm
        • 本体重量: 約380g
        • 素材・材質: ポリプロピレン、ステンレス、合成ゴム
        • 原産国: 中国


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