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Lunch Box Arte Circle Tight Lunch Lemon 550ml

        • Microwave: corresponding Allowed
        • household dishwashers: corresponding Allowed
        • open flame oven: not available "white-blue (white-blue)" is of Ehime Prefecture typical pottery "Tobe while the tradition of baked (Tobeyaki) ", more and more it made in as you can use to people vessel
        • " Tobe-yaki "is, of Iyo with a history of about 230 years the country (Ehime prefecture) tradition of porcelain. Produced from the grinding wheel of good quality, which is produced in Tobe-cho, it has been loved as everyday use of vessels older than from its robustness and homemade taste. In 1976 it is designated as a national traditional crafts, pottery of about 100 at present is, from those deepen the tradition, to those looking for new representation,
        • that has created various works
          thing very important and fun I meal ... firmly such a meal, from Tobe of the everyday use of feeling good tableware
        • of Ehime who can taste carefully, deliver the vessel to enjoy a lot of cooking and time < br> point of
        • form is easy to use, also made a good balance in the ... thick to fit in the hand,
        • simple pan-head felt lighter How many
        • rich size
          sense of stability of the Tobe-yaki unique to Japanese and Western because both of firmly favors to us
        • strong deep blue look better Futoshishima design
        • microwave-safe dishes, warm dishes can also be directly convenience
        • household dishwashers corresponding Te So happy to care

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        • Size (cm): φ9 × 1cm
        • Weight (gr): 56
        • Materials: Ceramic
        • Made in: Japan
      • 弁当箱 アルテ サークル タイトランチ レモン 550ml

        • 容量:550ml
        • 電子レンジ対応:可(フタ除く)
        • 食器洗い機対応:可(フタ除く)ポップでア-トな柄で毎日のランチタイムをお楽しみいただけるランチシリ-ズです.
        • 色違い,フォ-ム違いで揃えて,いつもと違うおしゃれなランチタイムを感じて頂けます.
        • 樹脂製なので落としても割れにくく,扱いやすいのが特長です.
        • レンジ・食器洗い機OK(但しフタはNG)で,毎日のお手入れも簡単です.
        • 安心の品質,日本製です.

        • 本体サイズ: 約13.4×14.8×6.7cm
        • 本体重量: 約200g
        • 素材・材質: (本体)PET樹脂とABS樹脂の合成品、(蓋)ABS樹脂
        • 原産国: 日本


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