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Ko(Korean Style) Rug Mittens

  • Your once a week spa in the bath. The rug mittens scrub off dirt and grime from your body, making your skin shiny and smooth.
  • By rubbing the body with mittens, it promotes metabolism of your skin for better blood circulation.
  • Cleans off dirt from the skin well and comes in an easy to use shape.
  • Place it in warm water and massage your body with it. The best results are achieved if you use it once a week.
  • *Note: Please use without soap.


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    • Size (cm): Approx. 18×13cm
    • Weight (gr): 10
    • Materials: (Surface Fabric)Rayon (Back Fabric)Cotton (Center Fill)Polyurethane foam
    • Made in: Korea
  • KO(Korean Style) Rug Mittens R
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