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Face Towel Cloth Goyomi Raccoon 33 × 100cm

        • Triple threat made in Japan, 100 percent of the towel towel Japan's largest towel producer cotton, good quality in Ehime Prefecture Imabari is a light towel thin and attractive
        • usability of the "thin, light-long" and the goodness of, because the universal towel
        • water-absorbent having both a water-absorbent towels have a good well dries, the best in the bath towel! So thin, when you use in the attractive
        • Bathing easy to be squeezed in women and children may be lathering of soap, back to comfortably washable
        • hot spring in the length of 100cm, to travel, to go out a little, thin so bulky not very convenient
        • baby, 100% cotton gentle also sensitive towards the skin
        • even without hesitation in the refreshing comfortable to use softness of the towel is felt, so dry even faster thin quality of the finished
        • your laundry is in easy, fluff immediately be less
        • slightly longer size (100cm) in the neck easy to put even, perfect for walking, even jogging companion

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        • Size (cm): From about 33 × 100cm
        • Weight (gr): 55
        • Materials: 100% COTTON
        • Made in: Japan
      • 今治産タオル フェイスタオル 布ごよみ たぬき 33×100cm

        • 「薄い・軽い・長い」の三拍子揃った日本製,綿100%の手ぬぐいタオル日本最大級のタオル産地,愛媛県今治産で品質の良さが魅力
        • 薄くて軽い手ぬぐいの使い勝手の良さと,タオルがもつ吸水性を併せ持った万能タオル
        • 吸水性がよく乾きもいいので,浴用タオルに最適! 薄手なので,女性やお子様でも絞りやすいのも魅力
        • お風呂でご使用の際は石鹸の泡立ちも良く,100cmの長さで背中も楽に洗える
        • 温泉に,旅行に,ちょっとしたお出かけにも,薄いのでかさばらず大変便利
        • 赤ちゃん,お肌の敏感な方にもやさしい綿100%
        • さらりと爽やかな使い心地の中にもタオルの柔らかさが感じられる,上質の仕上がり
        • 薄くて乾きも早いのでお洗濯がラクで,ケバだちも少ない
        • 少し長めのサイズ(100cm)は首にもかけやすく,ウォ-キング,ジョギングのお供にもピッタリ

        • 本体サイズ: 約33×100cm
        • 本体重量: 約55g
        • 素材・材質: 綿100%
        • 原産国: 日本


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