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Imabari Towel Bath Towel Soft Twisted Yarn Gentle Ash Brown

  • Soft and fluffy Imabari towel with excellent water absorbency.
  • “Soft Twisted" yarn is made by twisting the fiber together again and again so the fibers do not fall apart, making it more durable and soft.
  • This towel which is made from soft twisted yarn is incredibly soft and gentle to touch.
  • This towel has better water absorbency than conventional twisted yarn towels due to the fine gaps in between the yarn fiber that trap more water.
  • Soft twisted yarn towels will shed less fluff than normal towels and also has higher water absorbency.
  • This is the perfect body towel that is most suitable for people who want to quickly dry off moisture, does not cause irritation to the skin and will not leave fiber residue on the body.
  • Made with 100% soft cotton that is so comfortable and delicate even towards baby's supple skin.


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    • Size (cm): Approx. 60×130cm
    • Weight (gr): Approx. 360g
    • Materials: Cotton 100%
    • Made in: Japan
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  • IMABARI Towels combine over 100 years of traditional professional towel manufacturing techniques and innovation to create products of the highest quality that are filled with warmth. IMABARI Towels are manufactured in Imabari City, Japan which is the center of Japanese towel production. IMABARI Towel is part of the JAPAN Brand movement that is driven to share Japan's fantastic products with the world.
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