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Home&Home Category Separation Pedal Pail Bin 45pw Grey

        • The lid opens on the left and right separately with pedal. A trash bin that separates up to 4 types of rubbish, also comes with hook.
        • It uses a light grey tone so that it is not easily noticeable.
        • There is a pedal so it can be opened without using hands. It is easy to use even when cooking.
        • It has an indispensable stopper for fixing the plastic bag. It has a nice shape and look so you cannot easily see the plastic bag from outside.
        • With middle partition.
        • There are hooks on both sides so you can hang plastic bags. With this design, you can separate the 2 sections into 4 sections and create more categories for waste management.
        • Capacity :44L( Approx. 22L+ Approx. 22L)
        • Accessories : Plastic Bag Stopper Psrtition、Category Separation Seal

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        • Size (cm): 47.5×31×56.5H
        • Weight (gr): 2380
        • Materials: PP
        • Made in: Japan
      • 分類ペタルペール45PW グレー

        • 容量:44L(約22L+約22L)
        • 左右別々のペダルでフタが開く,フックも合わせれば最大4分類できるゴミ箱
        • 「ゴミ箱には目立ってほしくない」そんな配慮から,どのようなキッチンにもなじみやすいライトグレ-を採用
        • 手を使わずに開けられるペダル式なので,料理しながらでも使いやすい
        • ポリ袋の固定に欠かせないストッパ-付き.はさみこむ形状なので外側からポリ袋が見えずスッキリ
        • 中に仕切りがあるので,ゴミが片寄りにくい
        • 両サイドにフックがついて,それぞれにポリ袋をひっかければ,本体2分類と合わせて最大4分類になる

        • 本体サイズ: 47.5×31×56.5H
        • 本体重量: 2380
        • 素材・材質: PP
        • 原産国: 日本


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