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Slim Pedal Step Bin 45ps

        • Towel original commitment to a is the water-absorbing purpose, tough to clear the quality standards, each one carefully crafted direction of "Imabari Towel"
        • pile is woven in the specification to be random cocoon (cocoon) towel
        • one side is subjected to cutting at random, the well water in soft texture and are
        • finished to the gently to realize a firm volume Imabari towel
        • freshly grated suck "Imabari towel" is, once you wash before use includes an air, further soft excellent volume up
        • water-absorbent, "with good feelings" towel of feeling after use and kidnapping is, familiar to the skin enough to use, enough to knock down to realize the inherent water-absorbent cotton!
        • soft and softness, comfort, the famous land of perfect
        • towels to delicate towards the baby and skin, full of warmth that is produced in Imabari (Imabari) " Imabari towel "is, excellent water absorption and the pleasant feel of inherited the history and tradition of more than optimal
        • 100 years to your gifts and souvenirs Imabari towel unique is, practical sense of a good gift gentle touch of cocoon towel want to align mistake Nashi
        • all sizes to please as is, bath towel (80 × 140cm), face towel (34 × 85cm), hand 3 kinds of towels (34 × 34cm) expansion

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        • Size (cm): 34 × 85cm
        • Weight (gr): 100
        • Materials: 100% COTTON
        • Made in: Japan
      • HOME&HOME ペタルペール45PSスリム グレー

        • 容量:44L手を使わずに開閉できるペダルタイプのゴミ箱.料理しながらでも使いやすい
        • 便利なポリ袋止め付き
        • フタが外して洗えるので,いつも清潔
        • 両サイドにフックが付いてポリ袋が掛けられるので,最大3分類できる

        • 本体サイズ: 約31×49×56.4Hcm
        • 本体重量: 約1934g
        • 素材・材質: PP
        • 原産国: 中国


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