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Kitchen Mincer, Manual Operation

  • Easy to mince meat or fish to create a healthy menu! The base has a suction structure for increased stability. The tool can be disassembled easily for easy washing. Change the disk according to your requirement for coarse or fine mince.
  • Easy to use, simply put the meat in and press down with the presser while turning the handle. Convenient to make mince meat at home.
  • Easy to mince meat and useful to create dishes such as hamburger or croquette with vegetables. You can also mince fish and prawn to creat seafood cakes.


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    • Size (cm): 27×12.3
    • Weight (gr): 1049
    • Materials: Body ・Cap・Handle:ABS Resin(Heat Resistance 80 Degrees Celcius),Screw :Polyacetal(Heat Resistance 120 Degrees Celcius),Material Input Port:AS Resin(Heat Resistance 70 Degrees Celcius),Material Holding:Polypropylene(Heat Resistance 110 Degrees Celcius),Disk(Fine / Coarse)・Cutter:Stainless Steel Cutlery Knives Metal
    • Made in: China
  • Mincer MInce Handmade Meat Fish Seafood
  • Founded in 1908, KAI is the manufacturer and marketing of cutlery, kitchen utensils, beauty care products, confectionery utensils and other household items who started as a small knife producer. With over 100 years history, KAI endeavors to provide quality products to a wider target. Now KAI supplies over 10,000 types of products worldwide. KAI is continually making new discoveries and increasing knowledge to devote themselves to making customers' lives better for a future 100 years.
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