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Fish-Shape Cleaning Sponge

  • Fish shape kitchen sponge that fits firmly in the hand. Three layer structure with good durability and foaming.
  • Its length is good for washing the base of the cup. Its shape can also be curved to suit the shape of the cup for better cleaning.
  • A string can be placed through the "eye" so it can be hung up easily. The "fin" can also be placed upright so water drainage is improved, keeping it hygienic.


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    • Size (cm): Approx. 14.2 x 6.6 x 3.5
    • Weight (gr): 11
    • Materials: Sponge /Polyurethane,Non-woven Fabric / Nylon
    • Made in: Japan
  • Marna Kitchen Tabletop Sponge Fish Crockery Tableware Washing Cute Foaming Durable Functional
  • Marna was established in 1872 and started out making brushes. For 3 generations, Marna had continued to perfect the art of making exquisite brushes. Since the 4th generation, Marna has evolved to create more diverse household products with the company policy of "Design for Smile". Marna aims to design products that are functional and brings a smile to consumers faces. With over 140 years experience, Marna continues to design and produce excellent products. Marna's products include a wide range of household use goods suitable for every home and age.
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