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Seki Magoroku Damascus Petty Knife 150mm

  • Beautiful Damascus pattern spread on it is reminiscent of the Japanese sword.The shape of an inverted triangle makes a handle with moderate fit. High sharpness and comfortable to use, achieving a functional beauty of design which we pursued.
  • Specially processed natural wood "Laminated reinforced wood" is used for the handle. It takes advantage of the texture of the tree so it has high strength with resistance to water and humidity. The handle design fits well during use with a nice pattern.
  • Small petty knife great for cutting garnishes, vegetable decorations, steak or potatoes and carrots. If you find it difficult to cut finely with a big knife, you will find it surprisingly easy to craft with this petty knife.



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    • Size (cm): 26×2.8
    • Weight (gr): 146
    • Materials: Knife Blade/Stainless Steel Clad composite material (cutting edge :High Carton Stainless Steel Cutlery,Plating:Stainless Steel)
    • Made in: Japan
  • Seki Magoroku Kitchen Knife Sharpness Japan Damascus Petty Knife
  • Founded in 1908, KAI is the manufacturer and marketing of cutlery, kitchen utensils, beauty care products, confectionery utensils and other household items who started as a small knife producer. With over 100 years history, KAI endeavors to provide quality products to a wider target. Now KAI supplies over 10,000 types of products worldwide. KAI is continually making new discoveries and increasing knowledge to devote themselves to making customers' lives better for a future 100 years.
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