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Cypress Dry Bath Grating 60 Cm

        • “Cypress Dry Bath Grid” with outstanding drainage and comfortable dryness. Made from good quality natural cypress wood that grew in the rich natural forests of Kochi Prefecture Japan.
        • Crescent shape board with excellent water drainage properties. A quick drying type of wooden floor board.
        • The crescent shaped planks also gently massage the foot. Comfortable and great for health.
        • Excellent non-slip grip made of EVA plastic resin is used at the back.

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        • Size (cm): 60*31.5*3.3
        • Weight (gr): 3320
        • Materials: Cypress Wood
        • Made in: Japan
      • 桧 ドライすのこ60cm

        • 自然豊かな高知県で育った良質の「ひのき間伐材」で作られた,水切れ抜群・快適ドライな「桧ドライすのこ」
        • 半丸状の板なので水切れ抜群! いつもスノコ板は「乾きやすい=ドライ」で快適
        • こんなスノコ初めて! 半丸状の板が足裏を心地よく刺激
        • 脚の裏面は,滑り止め付き(EVA樹脂貼付)

        • 本体サイズ: 60*31.5*3.3
        • 本体重量: 3320
        • 素材・材質: 桧
        • 原産国: 日本


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