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Cypress Double-Sided Marked (Fish & Meat / Vegetables) Cutting Board ( Large )

        • Attractive Cypress wood cutting board with a refreshing natural scent and beautiful natural wood pattern. Made from Japanese Cypress.
        • Wooden cutting boards are softer on the knife blades so its easy to cut ingredients.
        • The natural properties of Cypress wood prevent breeding and repels insects. It is also more sanitary as it prevents bacteria growth and food smells hardly attach to the cutting board.
        • Excellent durability and water resistance.
        • With convenient marking to distinguish use for meat or vegetables.

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        • Size (cm): 48*29*1.3
        • Weight (gr): 960
        • Materials: Cypress Wood
        • Made in: Japan
      • 桧うす型まな板 (大)

        • 桧の爽やかな香りと美しい色合いが魅力の国産ヒノキのまな板
        • 木製のまな板は,包丁の刃あたりが柔らかく,食材が切りやすい
        • 桧に含まれる成分には,高い防虫効果や雑菌の繁殖を防ぐ作用があり,食材の臭いがまな板に付きにくく,衛生的
        • 耐久性抜群で,とても水に強い
        • 肉と野菜の焼印付きで使い分けに便利

        • 本体サイズ: 48*29*1.3
        • 本体重量: 960
        • 素材・材質: 桧
        • 原産国: 日本


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