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Curved Rounded Tip Design Beauty Tweezers Black

        • Angled tip tweezer. Good design and effective on all types of hair eg. thin hairs, short hairs, thick hairs etc.
        • Rounded tip is gentle on the skin, it is perfect for tweezing eyebrows and other delicate parts.
        • As the edge is rounded, it can easily pull out the hairs from the root as it can be pressed firmly onto the skin.
        • Comes with a transparent resin stopper for protecting the tip. This closes the tweezer and prevents it from causing holes when storaged (in make up pouch). It also protects the tip which tweezes the hairs.

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        • Size (cm): W0.9*H9.5*D2
        • Weight (gr): 16
        • Materials: 13cr Stainless Steel
        • Made in: Japan
      • 驚きの毛抜き先丸タイプブラック

        • 先端がズレずにぴったり重なるから,短い毛・細い毛・太い毛もさらに抜ける.
        • 先丸タイプは肌の当たりが優しく,デリケ-トな部分のお手入れに最適な眉毛抜きです.
        • 刃先が丸いから,肌にラフに押し当てることが出来るから根元から抜きやすい!
        • 本体にズレ止め(透明の樹脂)を装着.閉じるとズレ止めが穴に入り本体が固定され,毛を挟む部分のズレをガ-ド.

        • 本体サイズ: W0.9*H9.5*D2
        • 本体重量: 16
        • 素材・材質: 13crステンレススチール
        • 原産国: 日本


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