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Convenient Hook Comfortable Angle Hanger 30p Wb

  • The angle of the hanger arm can be adjusted in 6 stages for convenient indoor drying. You can adjust the hanging angle to suit your needs. Hang from the drawers, door frame or clothing knobs as you like. The hook is made from hard elastomer material so it hooks well without scratching. You can adjust the center part clip and grip as you need. The pinch clips open and close smoothly. There is a hole at the tip of the pinch clips to increase breathability for quick drying.


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    • Size (cm): 58.5×32.5×34.5
    • Weight (gr): 540
    • Materials: Body:Polypropylene,Elastomer/Pinch Clip,Pinch Clip String:Polypropylene/Spring:Steel Wire
    • Made in: China
  • LK421 Convenient Hook Comfortable Angle Hanger 30P WB
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