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Combi Grinding Wheel Set(#400・#1000)

        • Made with knife manufacturers thinking in mind, this is a full-fledged grindstone for easy sharpening.
        • It has a rough grindstone for the first sharpening and fine grinding wheel for fine finishing at the sides.
        • Great for first time users as this grindstone does not clog up easily so its easy to handle as the grinding force is uniform.
        • The grindstone is set in the head section, so its easy to drain off water and dry.
        • The grinder has side grooves which can trap water when sharpening your knife, so your table top remains dry and clean.
        • Ribbed rubber at the base, non-slip and stable.

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        • Size (cm): 25.4×9.5
        • Weight (gr): 735
        • Materials: Medium Finish Grindstone:GC#1000 Equivalent、Coarse Grindstone:GC#400 Equivalent、Platform:ABS Resin(Heat Resistance 80 Degrees Celcius)、Slip Part:Combination Rubber
        • Made in: China
      • コンビ砥石セット(#400・#1000)

        • 包丁メ-カ-が考えた,研ぎやすい,本格的な砥石です.
        • この砥石は,最初の研ぎに使用する荒砥石と,仕上げにご使用できる中仕上砥石が裏表になっています.
        • 目が均一で研削力に優れ目詰まりしにくい人工砥石なので初めて研石を使う方にも扱いやすいです.
        • 砥石は砥石台にセットしたまま水切り,乾燥でき片付けが簡単です.
        • 砥石上の水(とぎ汁)を受ける溝付きなのでキッチンを汚しません.
        • リブ付きゴムを底面に配置.すべりにくく台座が安定します.

        • 本体サイズ: 25.4×9.5
        • 本体重量: 735
        • 素材・材質: 中仕上砥石:GC#1000相当、荒砥石:GC#400相当、台:ABS樹脂(耐熱温度80度)、すべり止め部:合成ゴム
        • 原産国: 中国


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