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Collar/Cuffs Washing Brush

  • Tore Pika scrubbing brush for cleaning collars. The special material Tore Pika brush can clean deep into the fibres and remove dirt easily. The W cleaning head has 2 sides : one hard and one soft, so you can use whichever side to clean accordingly. It does not damage the fabric with excessive friction.


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    • Size (cm): 19.0×5.0×3.0
    • Weight (gr): 54
    • Materials: Handle:Polypropylene/Head:Polyester,Polyurethane Foam
    • Made in: China
  • LX101 TORE PIKA Collar ・ Cuffs Washing Brush
  • AISEN was started in 1946 making and selling palm bristle scrubbing brushes. It was very popular and every household had one. AISEN is focused on manufacturing high quality cleaning products. AISEN has since developed and expanded 70 years on with a wide range of home, bath cleaning and body care products. From a tiny workshop, AISEN has now several branches in Japan and China. AISEN continues to develop and innovate new design and functional products following their vision of "happy cleaning" for everyone.
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