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* Black Deep Clay Pot With White Lid 19cm - Size 6

        • Perfect for cold winter! Body and mind Pokkapoka. It had pot
           Since the heat storage with the pot is warm firmly ingredients to the core,
        • to enjoy the piping hot delicious pot cuisine  In sukiyaki, to cooked in water, kimchi pot, Chigenabe, kimchi jjigae, with pot, shabu-shabu, Hoto pot, Ishikari pot, harihari-nabe, blowfish pot, Angler pot, a big success in use ... in a variety of pot cooking on the bank pot!
           Pot the black to us to produce delicious dishes, lid in white two-tone color, chic and modern adult design
           Since the pot for you alone like, living alone, of course, enjoy the feel free to pot cooking even if you keep small portions cuisine always late husband of returning home
           Ingredients also entered plenty, further household pot
        • of edge boil over difficult structure  Subjected to 1200 degrees or more of the high-temperature treatment, food safety inspection to secure and safe that have passed, open fire only!
           Capacity: about 800ml
           Open fire dedicated
           IH cooker: Not applicable

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        • Size (cm): About 19.5 × 24 × 12cm
        • Weight (gr): 16.2
        • Materials:
        • Made in: CHINA
      • 土鍋 6号 宴 1人用 ふきこぼれにくい

        • 寒い冬にぴったり! からだも心もぽっかぽか.あったか土鍋
        • 土鍋のもつ蓄熱性が食材を芯までしっかり温めるので,アツアツのおいしい鍋料理を楽しめる
        • すき焼きに,水炊きに,キムチ鍋,チゲ鍋,キムチチゲ,もつ鍋,しゃぶしゃぶ,ほうとう鍋,石狩鍋,はりはり鍋,ふぐ鍋,あんこう鍋,土手鍋に・・・さまざまな鍋料理に使えて大活躍!
        • 土鍋はお料理をおいしく演出してくれる黒,蓋は白のツ-トンカラ-で,シックでモダンな大人デザイン
        • おひとり様用の土鍋なので,一人暮らしはもちろん,いつも帰宅の遅いだんな様に料理を小分けしておく場合でも気軽に鍋料理を楽しめる
        • 具もたっぷり入り,さらに縁が吹きこぼれにくい構造の家庭用土鍋
        • 1200度以上の高温処理を施し,食品安全検査に合格した安心・安全な,直火専用!
        • 容量:約800ml
        • 直火専用
        • IH調理器対応不可

        • 本体サイズ: 約19.5×24×12cm
        • 本体重量: 約1100g
        • 素材・材質: 鍋:耐熱陶器、蓋:陶器
        • 原産国: 中国


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