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Bento Lunchbox Punch Cutter Mould Set Mini 10pc

  • Food mould or cutter which makes cute mini food shapes. Perfect size for small children. Great for a variety of applications. Making lunch, candy, cookies, cute vegetable shapes for salads etc. Comes with a stick to push food shapes out. 10 different cute designs - musical note small, musical note large, crab, tulip, cloud, star, heart, yacht, dolphin and apple.


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    • Size (cm): Cloud: Approx. 2.1×3.1×3 Apple: Approx. 2.8×2.9×3 Crab: Approx. 2.5×2.9×3 Music Note(Small): Approx. 2.5×2.1×3 Music Note(Large): Approx. 2.7×2.9×3 Tulip: Approx. 2.2×2.7×3 Yacht: Approx. 2.9×2.8×3 Star: Approx. 2.4×2.4×3 Dolphin: Approx. 2.4×3.6×3 Heart: Approx. 2.1×2.4×3
    • Weight (gr): 40
    • Materials: Styrol Resin
    • Made in: Japan
  • Pull-Out Type Press Mould Punch-Out Type Press Mould Set Bento Lunch Lunchbox
  • TORUNE creates cute and functional products that "support your happy lunch time". With TORUNE's wide range of pretty, convenient and happy products, anybody can make meal times fun and delicious. Liven up your home and meals with TORUNE products. Enjoy a happy life.
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