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Beer Glassware Takasegawa Sip Beer Cup 145ml

  • Semi-red crystal products have beautiful clarity and gloss.
  • This luxury glassware is suitable both for home or business use as it is equipped with the "robustness and lightness of soda lime" while emitting "a feeling of radiance and transparency".
  • Handmade to achieve a perfect balance of uniqueness and beautiful curves.
  • A well-known brand of Japanese glasses that is comfortable to use and feels good on the hands.

    • Size (cm): Size: 5.9×5.9×9.5cm, Diameter: 5.9cm
    • Weight (gr): Item Weight: 0.1kg
    • Materials: Product Material: Semi-Crystal Glass
    • Made in: Japan
  • Toyo Sasaki Glass Crystal Sake Wine Bottle Elegant Cup Fine Dining Japan Flooding Cold Beer Juice Drink Beverage Seniors Day Little Gift Souvenir Citizens Fathers Day Orient Japan Water Good Design Award Liquor Alcohol Amber
  • Toyo-Sasaki Glass is proudly the No.1 glassware manufacturer in Japan in terms of production and delivery volume. Toyo-Sasaki Glass stems from two of the oldest and largest glassware manufacturing companies in Japan established since 1878. With the combination of their traditions, technologies and strengths, Toyo-Sasaki Glass is the biggest glassware manufacturer in Japan and a strong force in Japan's glassware industry. Toyo-Sasaki Glass has developed many innovative glass products and technology. Their products have also been awarded numerous awards including the prestigious Good Design Award for several years.
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