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Bath Mat Inuido Good Sunny Water Quick-Dry About 45 × 60cm Beige

  • 2 person also third person using the "Inuido good (Kandoryoko)" fibers of the water-absorbing quick drying also not soaked bath mat
  • Since the slip processing is applied to the back surface, able to use it with confidence from small children to people of advanced age
  • Silver ions have antibacterial effect, it is possible to suppress the growth of bacteria adhering to the mat, not your usual clean state

    • Size (cm): About 45 × 60 × 1.5cm
    • Weight (gr): About 400
    • Materials: 100% acrylic (special water-absorbent material)
    • Made in: China
  • Bath mat 60cm floral antibacterial processing Rubberized ◆ shortest ships same day accepted ◆
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