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Bath Chair Seat Wh

  • Simple and functional. It has an unpretentious comfortable style. It comes in a rich assortment of colors, so you can select the one which is most comfortable to you. Made with silver ion anti-bacteria material, this item has superior anti-bacterial effect. It has a wide seat area and can be used on the bathroom floor.

    • Size (cm): 38×30×25(cm)
    • Weight (gr): 914
    • Materials: Polypropylene,Others
    • Made in: Japan
  • richell RICHELL Home Use Items Bath Sanitary Sitting WH
  • RICHELL was established in 1960 and started out as a small manufacturing company. Since then, RICHELL has grown into an international manufacturer and supplier with offices and factories in Japan, Korea, USA and China. RICHELL produces mainly plastic goods with a wide range of products from household goods, baby products, pet items, health care products to gardening goods. RICHELL produces a comprehensive range of high quality and good design products to suit various uses, persons and lifestyles.
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