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Baby Chair Winnie The Pooh Lara Chair

  • Pooh's Children's Chair
  • Relieved with a slip on the bottom of the chair
  • Because it is made of plastic, you can wash it even if it gets dirty, wipe it clean and sanitary
  • You can use it for a long time until about 3 years since you can sit
  • Recommended for baby gifts and gifts
  • Because it is a thing that small children use everyday, it is made in Japan that is recommended for Mamasu commitment
  • Hand part is Disney character icon type
  • Color chair suitable for character character is very cute
  • Only one piece is unsatisfactory, others wanting to collect

    • Size (cm): 37.5×34×32
    • Weight (gr): 1000
    • Materials: Body polypropylene nonslip polyethylene
    • Made in: Japan
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