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Apple Cutter Without The Hassle Eight Equal Broad Beans Dh-2614

  • Excellent one that can also be used on a tabletop Tsukai from the kitchen!
  • In one operation to push down along the core of the apple, useful items that can be 8 equal parts by far the core!
  • Apples, of course, can also be used to Kazunashi

    • Size (cm): About 11.8 × 19 × 2.1cm
    • Weight (gr): About 135g
    • Materials: Blade unit: stainless steel, body: ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) resin (heat-resistant temperature of 110 degrees)
    • Made in: China
  • Apple Peel cutter easy ◆ shortest ships same day accepted ◆
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