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Apex Angle-Type Guard Net For The Big Game

  • Fray of fabric, original shape, torn seams, pain and accessories, such as a button, it suppresses fluffing such as wool products. (Sewing of the net white, you Yes wrapped with tape so as not to damage the clothing)
  • Hold the invasion of lint and yarn debris out of the laundry, gently protects the laundry in the net. (Bubble out, rinse effect even in fine mesh does not change the Company's other net)
  • Since the zipper cover is attached, holding the scratches and damage of other laundry, to prevent the fastener to be opened during the washing.
  • It can also be used in household dry detergent.
  • It can also be used in the dryer. ※ can not be used depending on the material and quantity of laundry. Please check the washing method always displayed. ※ can not be used by the dryer. Please check the manual carefully.


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    • Size (cm): About 40 × 55cm
    • Weight (gr): About 72g
    • Materials: polyester
    • Made in: China
  • apex APEX angle type laundry net big for guard net shirt sweater
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