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Antifogging Soft Applicator For Bathroom Mirrors, Nurico

  • Easy to apply on and quickly prevents bathroom mirror from fogging up.
  • You can now see clearly in the mirror while in the bathroom.
  • As the surface of the mirror is now rendered hydrophilic, it creates an anti-fogging effect. Hence, water vapor is prevented from forming the water droplets on the mirror that blocks your view, so now you can see clearly in the mirror.



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    • Size (cm): Approx. 5×5×13
    • Weight (gr): Approx. 109
    • Materials: Component Ingredients: Ethanol, Surfactant, Water, Hydrophilic film forming agent
    • Made in: Japan
  • Anti-fog Non-cloudy Mirror Bathroom Toilet Water Roller Wipe Cleaning Agent Prevention
  • AION Co. Ltd's parent company had patented PVA sponge production since 1951. AION Co. Ltd is the expert on sponge and cleaning goods. The company's focus is on absorption and scrubbing sponges, flitration, grinding and polishing, consumer products and environmental health. As of 2017, the company has over 200 employees with branches in Japan and Malaysia. AION Co. Ltd continues to innovate and focus on developing the best cleaning materials for everyone.
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