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* In-Sole Always Clean & Fresh Paper Foot Sheet K-Type (Soft) (For Men) (Quantity For Approx. 1 Month) various sizes

  • This is a replacement type paper insole (disposable type).
  • Special paper blended with deodorant "Crys-Light" absorb the gas such as hydrogen sulfide that causes the foot smell. It exerts a powerful deodorizing effect, so you will not feel uneasy to take off your shoes in public.
  • Crys-Light is a special mineral that has a myriad of holes which has excellent absorption due to the large specific surface area that is exposed to air. It also adheres microorganisms with a hydrophilic.
  • The excellent absorption of the paper firmly absorbs sweat. It even has breathable air duct made by wave processing to prevent foot smells.
  • Wave processing of the surface does not only to absorb shock during walking, it has a massage effect as it moderately stimulate the soles of the feet. It is a treasure trove more than what you expected.
  • Silver ion-based antimicrobial agent that is incorporated into the surface enhancement coating will prevent the growth of spoilage bacteria that causes odor.
  • This makes stiff insoles more comfortable.
  • Estimated replacement frequency is about once every 2 to 3 days, so 10 pairs can last about one month.
  • ※ There are different kinds of shoes, everyone has different walking momentum and different body constitution. Please replace your foot sheet accordingly to your needs and deteriotation of the foot sheet surface.
  • ※ It is recommended that persons with excessive sweating feet or oily feet should replace their foot sheet insoles more regularly.



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    • Size (cm): 25cm(For Men)
    • Weight (gr): 420
    • Materials: Paper
    • Made in: Japan
  • Shoe Foot Sheet Insole Clean Deodorizing Smell For Smell Removal Sweat Moisture Absorption Foot Stimulus Massage Excessive Sweating of Oily Feet Replacement Sheet Replacement Piece Replacement Insole Replacement Item Replaceable Spare Antibacterial Soft Cushion Man
  • Asheet Kobashi was started with the idea to create goods that people love. The creator was then wondering how to solve the problem of smelly feet in stuffy shoes. He tried various types of materials and papers but could not find the best solution. He had an idea when fruits and vegetables were delivered in cardboard boxes to him. Since then on, a new type of foot insole was developed using special cardboard paper that has excellent water resistance and specially treated with proprietary deodorizer. It is the best selling foot insole in Japan with over 50 million pairs sold over 20 years. With this revolutionary product by Asheet Kobashi Inc., nobody needs to worry about embarrassing foot smells.
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