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* In-Sole Always Clean & Fresh Paper Foot Sheet K-Type (Soft) (For Women) (Quantity For Approx. 1 Month) various sizes

        • This is a replacement type paper insole (disposable type).
        • Special paper blended with deodorant "Crys-Light" absorb the gas such as hydrogen sulfide that causes the foot smell. It exerts a powerful deodorizing effect, so you will not feel uneasy to take off your shoes in public.
        • Crys-Light is a special mineral that has a myriad of holes which has excellent absorption due to the large specific surface area that is exposed to air. It also adheres microorganisms with a hydrophilic.
        • The excellent absorption of the paper firmly absorbs sweat. It even has breathable air duct made by wave processing to prevent foot smells.
        • Wave processing of the surface does not only to absorb shock during walking, it has a massage effect as it moderately stimulate the soles of the feet. It is a treasure trove more than what you expected.
        • Silver ion-based antimicrobial agent that is incorporated into the surface enhancement coating will prevent the growth of spoilage bacteria that causes odor.
        • This makes stiff insoles more comfortable.
        • Estimated replacement frequency is about once every 2 to 3 days, so 10 pairs can last about one month.
        • ※ There are different kinds of shoes, everyone has different walking momentum and different body constitution. Please replace your foot sheet accordingly to your needs and deteriotation of the foot sheet surface.
        • ※ It is recommended that persons with excessive sweating feet or oily feet should replace their foot sheet insoles more regularly.
        • 25 Pairs Included
        • Method of Use・・・Suitable for Size Between 23.5~24.0cm、Please replace daily.

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        • Size (cm): 24cm(For Ladies)
        • Weight (gr): 400
        • Materials: Paper
        • Made in: Japan
      • いつも清潔 紙製中敷 アシート Kタイプ(ソフト) 24cm (女性用) (約1ヶ月分)

        • 使用方法・・・適用範囲サイズ23.5~24.0cm,毎日交換してください.アシ-トは,取り換えタイプ(使い捨て)の紙製インソ-ルです.脱臭剤「クリスライト」を配合した特殊紙がニオイの原因となる硫化水素などのガスを吸収し,強力な脱臭効果を発揮するので,人前で靴を脱ぐのも気になりません.クリスライトとは,無数の穴を持つ特殊な鉱物で,空気に触れる比表面積が大きいため吸着性にすぐれ,また親水性で微生物も付着します.紙の優れた吸収性が汗をしっかり吸収し,さらに波加工によるエア-ダクトの通気性が足ムレを防止します.表面の波加工は衝撃を吸収するだけでなく,ツボの宝庫である足の裏を適度に刺激するのでマッサ-ジ効果も期待できます.表面強化コ-ティングに配合した銀イオン系抗菌剤がニオイの原因となる腐敗菌の増殖を防ぎます.硬めの履きごこちの中敷です.交換の目安は2~3日に1回程度で,10足で約1ヶ月分です.※靴の種類,運動量,体質で異なります.表面加工の段が潰れてきたらお取替えください.※多汗性,脂性の方は早めにお取替えいただくことをおススメします."

        • 本体サイズ: 24cm(女性用)
        • 本体重量: 400
        • 素材・材質: 紙
        • 原産国: 日本


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