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Aluminum Heat Insulation Sheet Xl 75 × 140cm

  • Keep firmly the temperature of the hot water floating on hot water
  • The cold season, family a lot of home, help to save power
  • It is possible to easily cut with scissors, you can adjust the size to fit the shape of the bathtub
  • When you cut measure the inner diameter of the tub, To cut along the mark with a mark in light blue surface
  • When used, float on the surface of the water the aluminum side down
  • When used in conjunction with bath lid, further increases the thermal effect


    • Size (cm): About 75.0 × 140.0cm
    • Weight (gr): About 80g
    • Materials: Aluminum vapor-deposited film, polyethylene foam
    • Made in: China
  • Bath lid heat insulation insulation sheet bath products bath tub
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