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Adsorption Only Put Dirt Prevention Tape Does Not Shift The Toilet Gap Tape Yellow Ok-95

  • To absorb the urine that has been hanging a toilet, it is a deodorant sheet to prevent contamination of the toilet and the floor of the gap.
  • Since the back is a adsorption type, it is easy removable.
  • On that easily can be cut with scissors, does not fray even as a cut.
  • Since the two sets, please use according to the size of the toilet bowl.
  • Not only the toilet bowl and the gap of the floor, can also be used to, such as corner or under the wall surface of the mat.

    • Size (cm): Width about 8 × length 58cm (per one)
    • Weight (gr): About 41g
    • Materials: Surface: Polyester 97% unspecified fiber (acrylate fiber) 3% Back: Acrylic resin
    • Made in: Japan
  • Tape toilet gap dirt prevention ◆ shortest ships same day accepted ◆
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