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Absorption Mat / Carpet Loop-Type 30×30cm

  • Suitable for the kitchen, living room or children's room. You do not have to worry about stumbling on it. You can also use in small floor area. Product features: 1) It does not move. 2) It is washable. 3) You can cut it freely to size. 4) It is color co-ordinated. It is safe and easy to use.


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    • Size (cm): 30×30
    • Weight (gr): Approx. 140g
    • Materials: Surface /Polyester 100% Back /Acrylic Resin
    • Made in: Japan
  • Absorption Mat Carpet, Loop-type 30×30cm
  • WATANABE Industry is a plastics processing manufacturer who takes "little interesting ideas" and makes them into functional things of convenience. To make people happy and contribute to society. WATANABE Industry has gained a track record as a molding technology professional manufacturer of plastic that is stable, responses quickly to customer requests at reasonable prices. We continue to develop and be flexible in our ideas to expand our view and products.
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