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55 Clear Protectant Seat System Kitchen

  • Insect sheet for the system kitchen which was jointly developed with Earth Chemical. Can also be used in such depth is wide storage space because the depth 55cm type
  • Coating excellent insect repellent to safety EVA resin pile material to shift. Pests escape from the spot to feel uncomfortable when in contact with insect repellent, because does not remain dead Unlike the insecticide, also unnecessary unpleasant post-processing
  • Unlike the previous insect repellent, because the component is not spread around, not pollute the air, so there is no smell peace of mind
  • Drawers and hanging cupboard of the system kitchen, a convenient storage sheet to lay in the cupboard
  • Has been coated with a drug reluctant unpleasant pests to the surface, protect the stored items placed on the sheet from pests (※ insect repellent effect is about 1 year after opening)
  • Me the drawers and shelves also protect from scratches and dirt
  • Since the components of the insect repellent is a pyrethroid drugs not the unpleasant odor, the best in the kitchen for storing food and cooking utensils, pots, pans, dishes, etc.
  • Since you are using a pile material to shift, when the opening and closing of the drawer is also the seat and storage products it is unlikely to shift, clean comfortable
  • Since the transparent type shekels taking advantage as it is the texture of the shelf plate, while also think your favorite kitchen
  • Lay according to the location size of, it can be cut to free size with scissors, anywhere perfect
  • Excellent ones in the soft cushion of us also protect important glass and tableware
  • ※ If there is a curl, please be flat in the reverse winding
  • ※ Unlike the insect repellent insecticides, it intended repelling pests. While using high drug safety, since by applying the agent to the sheet surface, recommended to put a portion of touch direct port of the tableware or the like does not contact the surface of the sheet
  • Remove the dirt and dust of the place lay ※, please be laid from the dry well
  • Please do not use for purposes other than its intended use ※

    • Size (cm): Body size: about 55 × 180cm
    • Weight (gr): Weight: about 122g
    • Materials: Material Material: EVA resin (component: pyrethroid insecticide)
    • Made in: Japan
  • Kitchen storage Kitchen storage rack plate sheet rug seat insect cupboard system kitchen drawer shelves
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