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3 Pcs Children Hanger That Can Be Used In Parent-Child Blue / Yellow / Pink

  • Size adjusted to fit the clothes
  • Growth of the child, it is possible to adjust the size to fit the body type
  • Since extending to the size of a typical hanger, it can also be used in adult clothes
  • Hoseru neatly well as narrow women's shirt-shouldered
  • Easy to put in from the collar of the T-shirt so small
  • Since the catch part falls down and hold the shoulder of the hanger, round-neck shirt Hoseru easier
  • When the catch portion is fallen, hard to joint structure scissors hands and fingers between the body and the catch part
  • ※ Because this product is a plastic product, it does not inevitably be degraded to one to continue to use. If the deterioration was observed even during the growth period of children, please replace it with a new one
  • Please check the Product parts before using ※. In addition, if an abnormality is found Please do not use
  • ※ Please do not use in the place hit directly of hot air such as near and dryer with a bathroom of fire. Products softened, it may be deformed
  • Catch portion of this product (in the case of using the rod) corresponds ... to the next size diameter 25mm or more, 30 mm or less of the rod (in the case of using the rope) diameter 4mm or more, 6 mm or less rope. ※ things catch part other than the corresponding size, and if you hung on the S-shaped hook, wire, etc. Please do not use because there is a possibility that the hanger to fall
  • When applied to the rod, a gap at the top of the catch portion is set to open a little
  • ※ When windy, please do not use outdoors
  • ※ Because this product is a plastic product, does not inevitably be degraded within continue to use
  • Please do not use for purposes other than its intended use ※. If you want to discard as garbage, please follow the rules of each municipality

    • Size (cm): When the body size :( expanded) about 31 × 1.7 × 19.5cm, (when the slide) about 40.5 × 1.7 × 19.5cm (per one)
    • Weight (gr): Weight: about 53g (per one)
    • Materials: Material Material :( body) polypropylene, (spring) steel wire
    • Made in: Vietnam
  • Towa TOWA TOWA washing selection laundry clothes Kids child adjust laundry supplies clothes hanger
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