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2-Stage Lunch Box 630ml Mickey Balloon Disney Sslw6

  • Cute Mickey Mouse lunch box that floated a balloon
  • Tightly sealed since the silicon Shirubuta, it is difficult to have juice leakage
  • The amount of rice to enter the lunch box lower part, your bowl (about 200ml) about 1.2 cups
  • Please remove the lid when the microwave oven use

    • Size (cm): About width 18 × depth 6.7 × height 9.2
    • Weight (gr): About 230
    • Materials: Body vertical and partition: polypropylene, lid-billed: AS resin, Shirubuta: silicone resin, lunch Belt: Natural Rubber
    • Made in: Body: Japan, Shirubuta lunch belt: China
  • Lunch boxes two-stage Mickey Mouse Disney ◆ shortest ships same day accepted ◆
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