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2 Point Lock Namisakari's Lunch Box Two-Stage (With Partition) Black Blw-32h

  • To fit the life style, is the lunch box of unisex to choose the size
  • Not both men and women, you can use it in a variety of workplace by the color and design
  • 2-point lock type of shape does not juice leakage
  • Two-stage lunch box storage easy slim also in bag
  • Also easy to wash after you finished eating without packing

    • Size (cm): Body: about 22.7x8xH8.7, chopsticks: about 19.5
    • Weight (gr): About 380
    • Materials: Body: Lid-partition: Polypropylene: Shirufuta: silicone rubber, chopsticks: methacrylic resin
    • Made in: Japan
  • Lunch boxes two-stage for men ◆ shortest ships same day accepted ◆
  • Our company, since its inception in 1951, the plastic materials and the daily necessities product planning of the, we have overlaid a track record of more than half a century in the manufacture and sale. Also located a factory in Okayama Prefecture Mimasaka, we try to create a safe and secure can be product focused on domestic production (Made in japan).
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