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Mop Holder

  • Even long handle such as flooring wiper and adhesive cleaner can be wrapped around
  • Two types of mounting of pinning and adhesive tape are possible according to the wall surface
  • Where you can install: In case of pinning: Wooden new construction materials (thickness of 4 mm or more) such as gypsum board (thickness of 9 mm or more) and printed plywood (thickness of 4 mm or more), plate walls etc.
  • In case of adhesive tape: Walls that can be attached: Wooden new construction materials, glass, tiles, fancy plywood Smooth places with no irregular surface such as metal painted surface
  • Unable to install: Since there is a danger of falling or damage to the mounting surface, please avoid using in the following places
  • In the case of pinning



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    • Size (cm): About 5x1.8x11cm
    • Weight (gr): 55
    • Materials: Body / ABS resin · elastomer, pin / stainless steel, pressure sensitive adhesive / synthetic rubber type
    • Made in: Japan
  • Mop Holder H2560 1 Core Incorporated Mop Standing Storage Hook Hook Rubber Stopper Pinning Adhesive Tape Living Kitchen Made in Japan
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