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Imabari Towel Face Towel Cloth Rayomi Sakura Fuji Pink 33 × 100 Cm

        • Good water absorbency and dryness, Ideal for bath towels! Its lightweight and flexibility makes it attractive for women and children.
        • When using it in the bath, soap foaming is an ease. 100 cm length makes it easy to wash the back
        • To hot springs, for traveling, even a little outing, it is very convenient because it is thin
        • 100% cotton gentle to sensitive people of infant skin types
        • The softness of the towel can be felt in a refreshing feeling during usage and finish of its fine quality
        • Because the product is thin and dry, it is easy to wash and ruffles are rare
        • A slightly longer size (100 cm) allows the user to wrap it around the neck, perfect for walking, jogging
        • Because it is thin and long, it is easy to use when wiping sweat, wrapping it around the neck with a sunblind
        • A face towel that is perfect for shampooing and facial cleansing, works great not only in bath time but also in various places such as kitchen and washroom

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        • Size (cm): About 33 x 100cm
        • Weight (gr): About 65g
        • Materials: 100% Cotton
        • Made in: Japan
      • 今治産タオル フェイスタオル 布ごよみ 桜富士 ピンク 33×100cm

        • 吸水性がよく乾きもいいので,浴用タオルに最適! 薄手なので,女性やお子様でも絞りやすいのも魅力
        • お風呂でご使用の際は石鹸の泡立ちも良く,100cmの長さで背中も楽に洗える
        • 温泉に,旅行に,ちょっとしたお出かけにも,薄いのでかさばらず大変便利
        • 赤ちゃん,お肌の敏感な方にもやさしい綿100%
        • さらりと爽やかな使い心地の中にもタオルの柔らかさが感じられる,上質の仕上がり
        • 薄くて乾きも早いのでお洗濯がラクで,ケバだちも少ない
        • 少し長めのサイズ(100cm)は首にもかけやすく,ウォ-キング,ジョギングのお供にもピッタリ
        • 薄くて長めなので,汗拭き,日よけに首に巻いても使いやすい
        • シャンプ-や洗顔に最適なフェイスタオルは,バスタイムのほか,台所や洗面所など色々な場所で大活躍

        • 本体サイズ: 約33×100cm
        • 本体重量: 約65g
        • 素材・材質: 綿100%
        • 原産国: 日本


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