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October 15, 2018 5 min read

The Japanese are famous for making interesting, sometimes crazy inventions that one would not have previously thought of before. Many of these inventions thrive to make life easier and more fun for everyone.

Some are useful, some are wacky but they also make you think twice about how you are doing things now and if you can make it better.

Let take a look at 10 quirky inventions for the home from Japan you probably never thought existed before! Let’s Go!

Veggie Skin Remover Made from Corn Abrasive

Who would have thought that the humble and common sweet corn could be also used as an environmental friendly skin remover for vegetables?

Made from natural corn, this scourer is great for removing the skins off potatoes, taro, lotus root, burdock root, potatoes, carrots etc. without any wastage. Great for family savings, environment-safe and natural way for preparing foods.


CHERI Bottle Station

Thermos flasks or milk bottles are hard to take apart to clean properly. They could harbour germs and bacteria if not properly cleaned and dried before storage.

This specially designed compact bottle station helps you to clean your bottles thoroughly.  The bottle parts such as the lid and airtight seal can be removed using the bottle station’s various specially design parts. The bottle station is also made with material that would not scratch or damage thermos bottles. Certainly, a good invention for families with young children as the bottle station is also great for milk bottles and sippy cups!


Easy Take Shoes Holder

Not enough space in your shoe cabinet? Have kids in the home and their shoes are crowding up the shoe cabinet? Use this Japanese invention to save space and make your shoe cabinet neat!

 Double the amount of available space in your shoe cabinet with this easy shoe holder. Using the Easy Take Shoes Holder, you can easily stack up your shoes and make them easy for storage. The easy shoe holder also makes shoe selection easy in the mornings!


One-Touch Door Hook

A great idea to increase the amount of space in your home. Just need some extra space for hats and small items lying around? Don’t want to put some nails into your wall and damage your interior decor? 

Using One-Touch Door Hook, you can set up a series of hooks as you wish behind any door. Setting up the One-Touch Door Hook is super easy and quick. You can adjust the hooks as you like, so you can hang long or short items easily. The One-Touch Door Hook will not damage your door or interior decor (no ugly nail holes!), move it around as you like without any trouble!


SaraKara Bath Mat Dry Board

Humidity and wetness in the bathroom causing a mouldy stinky bath mat? Or is it difficult to dry your bath mat indoors during rainy or cold weather?  Try the SaraKara Bath Mat Dry Board and solve your bath mat problems!

The SaraKara Bath Mat Dry Board is dual-purpose. You can use this drying board for air drying your washed bath mat indoors during bad weather. Or you can use this drying board to lift your bath mat off the bathroom floor to allow air to flow around the bath mat well to prevent bad smells and mould from growing on your wet bath mat. The drying board is also non-slip, so you can safely use it as a stepping board outside the shower or bathtub without worry of slipping.


Egg Holder for Puncturing Eggshell

Isn’t it a pain to peel eggshells off hardboiled eggs? How do you get the eggshells off hard boiled eggs easily? Do you wonder how professionals remove eggshells off hardboiled eggs?

Simply use this egg holder that can quickly & easily puncture a small hole at the base of the eggshell. By making a small puncture on the shell before boiling, using the egg holder, makes it easy to remove the shell cleanly after cooking. It is safe as it can be locked with not in use, so you don’t have to worry about hurting children or yourself in the kitchen!


Sawafuji Kamoi Clip & Stainless Steel Pole Hanger

This is a great invention for any home! Especially for singles or compact housing and apartments! The strong clips hook onto the ledge indoors and you are able to hang laundry easily. You can use both of the Kamoi Clips and attach the included stainless steel pole to create an off-hanging indoor rack.

The Sawafuji hanger system is convenient as you can move it anywhere and saves space since you can keep it when it is not in use. It is also hygienic as it is not a rack placed on the floor. The Sawafuji hanger system remains off the ground and kids can still run and play safely below without tripping on racks. It can be used with the pole or alone as a single clip. A versatile addition for doing laundry in any home.


Anti-Fogging Liquid for Bathroom Mirrors

Hate having your mirrors fogged up after a lovely warm shower? All that condensation you need to wipe off before you can see yourself? Anti-fogging liquid for bathroom mirrors is an easy solution for you!

There are some bathroom mirrors which use electricity to heat up bathroom mirrors to prevent them from being fogged by water droplets. That is energy consuming and non-environmentally friendly.

This anti-fogging liquid is great as you only need to apply it to the mirror for it to work effortlessly! The anti-fogging liquid is a powerful anti-fogging agent which is even effected when applied to wet mirrors!


Quick & Easy Sushi Press Moulding Tongs

Having a party and ordering sushi is expensive? Or thinking about fun party ideas? This quick & easy sushi maker is your best solution! Super easy!

Just use the Sushi Press Tongs to pick up sushi rice, press it and put a slice of your favourite fish on top. A quick press and sushi is ready!

Make professional sushi for parties and home events easily with this quick & easy sushi press! Prepare ingredients and have a super sushi party! Everyone will have fun making their favourite sushi fresh at the table!


Waffle-shaped Carrot / Vegetable Peeler for Interesting Salad

Make a balanced yet interesting meal for family & friends at home! This waffle-shaped peeler is easy to use and creates fun delicious waffle-shapes for salads and other foods!

Simply twist as you peel with this vegetable peeler and you can create pretty waffle shapes. You can top salads with cute waffle-shaped veggies or make waffle-fries with potatoes! Kids will love them!

Make mealtime more fun and cheerful! Surprise your guests with these waffle-shaped veggies!

Some inventions are just plain fun, some are a bit nutty and other are very useful!

Make every day filled with excitement and fun without being tired or overwhelmed. Use some clever inventions to help in your everyday life!


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