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November 08, 2018 2 min read

Want to know the secret behind the Best Make-Up? We will reveal the make-up industries’

Think make-up is all about the powders, creams and colors? Think again! It’s all about the Best Make-Up Tools!

Where can you get the Best Make-up Tools? From the cosmetics counter? Department stores? Think again!

The Best Make-Up Tools come from this little place in Japan called Kumano 熊野. This secret is now revealed!

Kumano is a small town in Hiroshima, Japan of only 27,000 inhabitant but a whooping 6% or some 1,500 of the towns people are fude-shi 筆師 or brush artisan craftsmen. Kumano is synonymous with quality Japanese brush production.

In olden times, some 160 years ago, these craftsmen made exquisite brushes for calligraphy and writing which were part of complusory education in the 1800s. But as the art of calligraphy declined, while the cosmetic and make-up industry boomed, Kumano craftsmen have diversified and innovated their skills into top quality make-up tools.

Kumano brushes are in great demand as they are of the best quality. The lucious landscape, nature and fresh water in Kumano makes Kumano brushes special!

80% of Japan’s brushes are made in Kumano and over 15 million brushes are made annually. Even popular make-up or cosmetic brands around the world also use Kumano brushes! Many Hollywood stars and celebrities also use Kumano make-up cosmetic brushes!

Kumano brushes are officialy recognised as a traditional industrial art in Japan. These fine brushes are also presented to foreign diplomats during official ceremonies by the Japanese government. Such is the high regard and reverance for Kumano brushes.

What makes Kumano brushes great?

Each piece is individually handmade using the finest natural hairs from various animals and quality lacquered wood to suit the purpose of the make-up brush.

For example, horse hair or mountain goat hairs are used for cheek brushes or face brushes as they are soft, gentle yet large and fluffy enough for these make-up areas.

On the other hand, weasel hairs are used for the lip brushes as they are slick yet stiff enough for the application of lipstick.

As high grade natural hairs are used, the brushes feel silky soft and smooth.

The natural high quality hairs and lacquer hand-painted wooden handles do not cause irritation to the skin, the hairs pick up powders and colors well and spread them evenly. Creating a beautiful and natural make-up look!

There is a wide variety of Kumano brushes of different sizes, shapes and features so that you can achieve the best make-up look for a gorgeous presentation!

Don’t be left out. Unleash your beauty. Tap into the truth and secrets of the best make-up.

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