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November 08, 2018 2 min read

Although the first glass in Japan, in the form of glass beads, were discovered in the Yayoi period (3rd century B.C. to 3rd century A.D.), the history of Japanese glass was truly transformed only in the 16th century when Portuguese craftsmen brought European glass into Japan through trade and missionaries from 1550.

Glass in the Edo period was considered a luxury good and only the aristocracy could enjoy it. The manufacturing of early Japanese glass techniques were brought in from China. However, these early methods of the 16th and 17th century could only yield small pieces of glassware.

Nonetheless by the end of the 18th century, Japanese glass manufacturing had become mature with many practicing glass makers in larger Japanese cities such as Nagasaki, Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto. During this period, although glass had become increasingly fashionable, the items made were still limited to small wares or accessories.

Techniques of Japanese glass making evolved through the centuries with westernization and modernization. Cut glass began to be made in Japan from the 19th century and Japanese glass started to obtain its own identity, regional characteristic and style.

One of these styles is the Yachiyo Kiriko (Yachiyo Cut Glass) by Toyo-Sasaki Glass. Toyo Glass and Sasaki Glass companies were established in 1878 and 1902 respectively. And is now the No. 1 Japanese glass manufacturing company.

“Yachiyo Kiriko (Yachiyo Cut Glass) is the flagship glassware line of Toyo-Sasaki Glass. It is named after the town of Yachiyo, where TSG’s craft studio is located. The word Yachiyo, literally means “eight thousand generations”, symbolizes eternity and is considered to be a poetic and divine praise.
Ancient Japanese motifs are actively fused with modern elements in each Yachiyo Kiriko design, which makes Yachiyo Kiriko unique to traditional Japanese cut glass schools and earns high artistic praise.” — text from Toyo-Sasaki Glass Japan

Not only are traditional Japanese glassware full of character and charm, they are well-designed to fit perfectly onto your lips when you take a sip from them. The elegance and beauty surrounds you and wipes away any stress you feel that day.

Elegant Japanese glassware is the perfect accompaniment to any special ocassion or event. Its presence makes the atmosphere feel sophisticated and extraordinary. A true gem in any household.

In everyday living, you may also surround yourself with the gentle elegance of Japanese glasswares to liven up the daily mood and raise your quality living. Good Design award products are not only well-designed and aesthetically pleasing, they are also price effective and suitable for daily use.

“Toyo-Sasaki Glass won its first Good Design Award in 1957. Since then, more than 250 excellent TSG products have been awarded the prize.” — text from Toyo-Sasaki Glass Japan

Enjoy drinking water or relax with a beer after a hard day’s work from one of these masterpieces and awaken to the delightful, crisp new experience you receive from well-made glassware.

An elegant piece of Japanese history and innovation is easily attainable for your beautiful home. Fill your everyday with enjoyment and beauty.

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